Welcome to GardenRoom BNB YamYam

   Welcome to GardenRoom BNB YamYam.

We've started accepting to register accommodation
 last spring.

And in this summer, we have re-modeled to increase
 one more room and toilette & bathroom. 
we've planed to start to operate soon.

Located in the center of Nagasaki city.
Our b&b have convenient transportation, offering
Breakfast, picking up & see-off at the Nagasaki station
luggage keeping before check-in& after check-out, 
without additional charge.
Showing sightseeing points around oldtown of the 
Nagasaki city by car will be also offered for the first
visitor of the Nagasaki .

Check-in procedure use to be held on the  cafe hall 
at mezzanine, and breakfast also would be served at the
cafe hall from 8:00 AM  everyday.

For  the breakfast, many  hand made small dishes will be
served used many Nagasaki fish and meat  and vegetable,     
rice too, branded rice, which is Nagasaki Hikari  
 and also served very fresh bread and rice,  bread will be 
baked by owner just baked up, and rice will be steamed up. 

The network is not limited to wifi for smartphones,
but  terminals are provided in each room so that direct 
internet connection for personal computer is possible,
creating an environment where remote work can be done
 simply by conecting to the network conecting port 
of the personal computer,

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